W hat is the European Statistics Competition (ESC)?

The ESC is a new competition organized by Eurostat and volunteering National Statistical Institutes addressed to secondary education students.

The main objectives of the ESC are to promote curiosity and interest in statistics among students, to encourage teachers to use new materials for teaching statistics by promoting the use of real data provided by official statistics and search for applications of acquired statistical knowledge. Moreover, it aims to show the role of statistics to students and teachers in various aspects of society, and to promote teamwork and collaboration among students to achieve common goals.

The competition is structured in two phases: national and European. The finalists of the national phase of each country are eligible to take part in the European phase. The language of the national phase is the national language while the European phase is in English.

The national competition takes place during the school year 2017/2018. The national phase is now completed and the European final takes place in April - May 2018.

Participant countries

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Register and check the details of each national competition visiting the corresponding link (click on the flag)

General rules for the European phase

European phase has finished!

List of participating teams in the European phase

Winning and finalist teams

Jury of the European phase